Russ Spiegel

Press Quotes

Intellectual to the core, melodic and elegant, [Spiegel's] music will engage and challenge you at the same time.
Ed Blanco, EJazzNews, read complete review

A killer guitarist that’s simply welcome all over the world, Spiegel lays it down without pretense or drama and let’s his clean lines and solid playing provide all the drama and dynamic tension non-smooth jazz should have, even when he’s playing it light and easy.  A tasty cat you should definitely get to know.
Chris Spector, Midwest Record, read complete review

Channeling the spirited energy of hard-bop with the progressive aesthetics of rock music, Spiegel carves out his own niche in the contemporary jazz scene.
Troy Collins, All About Jazz, read complete review

Spiegel plays with a clear, bright sound and his solos reveal a sure-footed rhythmic instinct and a harmonic sense which may be rooted in bebop but which also leans towards the future.
Charles Alexander, Jazzwise (London), read complete review

Russ Spiegel

An eloquent guitarist.
Jerry D'Souza, All About Jazz, read complete review

Russ Spiegel's first jazz release for a widely distributed international label is an impressive outing, focusing mostly on his inspired post-bop compositions.
Ken Dryden, All Music Guide, read complete review

The scorching solos…drew applause every single time.
Arhan Sett. The Times of India, read complete review

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