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Russ Spiegel - Immersions

1. Count Up
2. The Very Thought of You*
3.  Kangaroo
4.  Number One        
5.  Chain Reaction
6.  Undertow
7.  I Let a Song...*
8.  The Rub
9.  I Should Care*
_The Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra ~ Transplants

Transplants comprises nine energetic and magnificently performed Big Band Jazz pieces, all arranged and produced by jazz guitar virtuoso Russ Spiegel. In addition to six original compositions written by Russ, Transplants includes songs written by legendary composers Duke Ellington, Ray Noble and Paul Weston. The Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra consists of some of New York's most talented musicians, and between the scintillating arrangements, stellar compositions and amazing musicianship there is something for everyone. Latest reviews and radio play here.

Reeds: Arun Luthra, Craig Yaremko, Tim Armacost, Dan Pratt, Frank Basile, Trumpets: Colin Brigstocke, Sharif Kales, David Smith, Charles Porter, James Smith, Trombones: Michael Boscarino, John Yao, Jack Davis, Darrell Hendricks, Rhythm: Rachel Eckroth (p), Yoshi Waki (b), Owen Howard (dr), Todd Isler (perc), Special Guest Vocalist: Michael Camacho.


_Russ Spiegel ~ Chimera (SteepleChase)

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Russ Spiegel's first jazz release for a widely distributed international label is an impressive outing, focusing mostly on his inspired post-bop compositions. The guitarist had played with his musicians at different times over the years, but there was only one rehearsal prior to the recording date, yet the results suggest a working group familiar with the charts. The band includes trumpeter David Smith, saxophonist Arun Luthra, vibraphonist Nick Mancini, bassist Gary Wang, and drummer Anthony Pinciotti. The sextet opens with the racehorse vehicle "Chimera," following it with "Polychrome World," a bittersweet bossa nova featuring Luthra's soprano sax and the leader's melancholy acoustic guitar. Spiegel's whimsical "Herr Boehnke" is a sauntering, dissonant number that shows influences of Thelonious Monk and Eric Dolphy, with a great degree of playful spirit throughout.
Ken Dryden, All Music Guide


1. Chimera
2. Polychrome World
3. Last March
4. Cherokee
5. Wo Bleibt Die Steele
6. Good Night
7. Herr Boehnke


Russ Spiegel - Twilight

1. Jeannine
2. Twilight
3. Number One
4. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
5. Giants Step
6. Brother Grimm
7. Peaceful
8. Fourth Floor
9. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

_Russ Spiegel ~ Twilight (Double Moon Records)

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Straight-ahead jazz with compositions and arrangements by Russ Spiegel with German All-Stars Barbara Dennerlein, Juergen Seefelder, Thomas Stabenow, Torsten DeWinkel, Joerg Reiter and Sebastian Merk as well as international musicians Derrick James (USA), Alberto Menendez (Spain), Allen Jacobson (Canada) and Omar Plasencia (Venezuela). Nine pieces running the gamut from duo to ten-piece. Recorded in Mannheim, Germany, October, 2000.


Russ Spiegel: guitar, composer, arranger; Alberto Menendez: tenor sax; Allen Jacobson: trombone; Barbara Dennerlein: hammond organ; Christian Meyers: trumpet; Derrick James: alto sax; Joerg Reiter: piano; Jürgen Seefelder: tenor sax; Omar Plasencia: percussion ; Sebastian Merk: drums; Thomas Stabenow: bass; Torsten Dewinkel: acoustic guitar.


_The Russ Spiegel Big Band ~ Live in Germany (Oomph!!)

Live big band! A recording of Russ’s European large ensemble in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Top German and international musicians, great playing and fantastic sound.

Russ Spiegel: guitar/composer/arranger/leader; Reeds: Markus Lihocky, Volker Stegmann, Peter Linhart, Alberto Menendez, Martin Serb; Trumpets: Ralf Nusske, Martin Auer, Christian Meyers, Thomas Siffling; Trombones: Alan Jacobson, Thomas Sauter, Viola Engelbrecht, Georg Maus; Rhythm: Christoph Sänger, Rudi Engel, Andreas Neubauer.


Russ Spiegel - Live in Germany

1. Bird Droppings
2. Flying Home
3. Fourth Floor
4. The Gospel
5. Weedeater
6. P-Nose
7, Chunky


Russ Spiegel - Monky

1. Bird Droppings
2. Did Not
3. Monky
4. Lydian Dream
5. P-Nose
6. The Grazing Land
7. Unruly Julie

_Russ Spiegel ~ Monky (MongoThrob)


Recorded in New York in 1997 with Andy Middleton on sax, Johannes Weidenmueller on bass and Adam Nussbaum on drums.


Guest Appearances:

Little Big Waters

Russ Spiegel guest artist

Bill Warfield Big Band
A Faceless Place

(Laurel Hill)

Russ Spiegel guest artist

Alberto Menendez Quartet
Waiting for Naima
(In+Out Records)

Russ Spiegel guest artist

Barbara Leah Meyer
Winter Child


Russ Spiegel guest artist

Spirit of Gospel
Live Concert in Germany
(Unlimited Music VLC)

Russ Spiegel - guest artist

Landes Jugend Jazz
Orchester Hessen
Touch of Lips

Russ Spiegel - guest artist


Russ Spiegel


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